Direct Cremation Prices in Boca Raton, Florida

Prepaid Cremation Services - Cremation Services By The sea.

Cremation Costs are on the rise, don't pay funeral home prices for direct cremation services.

Cremation Services By The Sea is a local cremation provider located in Palm Beach County, FL. Our firm is dedicated to assisting individuals and families plan for low cost cremation options and prepaid cremation services. We proudly offer direct cremation service plans for immediate need or for long term planning. Choose from our prepaid cremation packages, or learn more today. 

Those that we service receive personalized care that is focused on securing a life long contract agreement. Get control of your final wishes and get a real peace of mind. Prepaid cremation is available to the public and no funeral home is required.

Contact us directly. It is our honor to inform you of the many benefits that arranging for services years in advance can give. For starters, all of our prepaid cremation arrangements are secured in an independent funeral trust. This gives our client family the financial security, guaranteed fixed pricing and a true sense of securing these delicate wishes. 

Take the first step today, contact us to learn more about prepaid cremation services from Cremation Services By The Sea. We have a no pressure, no obligation approach.