How Much Does cremation cost? Less if you pay now!

Cremation Costs are on the rise, don't pay funeral home prices when you can us a direct cremation service provider.

Families that would like to plan for services can do so with Cremation Services By The Sea. Our firm is dedicated to assisting individuals and families plan for basic cremation arrangements. Today, cremation costs are rising nationwide. While funeral homes continue to charge premium rates for these simple services, our family business is serving families just like yours with professionalism and trusted guidance. 

In fact, we are proud that our cremation costs are up to 60% less than the national average. Those we services receive personalized service focused on securing a life long contract, that gives a real peace of mind approach. 

To learn more on how we can help, contact us directly. It is our honor to inform you of the many benefits that arranging for services years in advance can give. For starters, all of our pre-paid arrangements are secured in an independent trust, giving you financial security, guaranteed fixed pricing and a true sense of security. Embrace the life that you live, love the ones that love you and take control of your final wishes. During life's most difficult moments, your loved ones will know your plans, be relieved of financial burden and know that your planned wishes will be honored, just as you wanted. 

Take the first step today, contact us and learn more. We have a no pressure, no obligation approach. It's "our family, serving yours."