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Local funeral homes generally offer cremation services, however; most families are not aware that many funeral service providers contract their  cremation out to other firms. This is important to know when comparing costs for cremation arrangements. Each funeral home will base their cremation fees off of their overhead and operation costs. In turn, families will generally pay much more, even for basic services. 

Cremation Services By The Sea, does not offer other service, such as burial, embalming or traditional viewings. Therefore, we cut our overhead costs and pass off lower cost cremation service options to the families which we service. To learn more about our pricing and cremation services, contact us. Thousands of families in South Florida have entrusted our services and honesty. 

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Cremation Services By The Sea, will take a print from your loved one and have it custom designed into a beautiful keepsake. 

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Not all cremation services providers and funeral homes are the same. Compare our services to funeral homes in Boca Raton, Delray Beach and other local funeral homes throughout Palm Beach County and Broward County. Our overall cremation costs are lower. Cremation Services By The Sea, services South Florida with guaranteed professionalism, fair pricing and a dedication to dignified services.  

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