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How much does cremation cost in Palm beach county?

How much cremation costs will be determined by the funeral home and cremation provider that you may use. The cost of cremation is generally low. However, a funeral home and cremation providers overhead will determine the overall cremation cost. More modest businesses, like Cremation Services By The Sea, keep overhead costs much lower than those of a local funeral home. Since Cremation Services By The Sea does not offer traditional funeral services, our overall cremation cost will be much lower. Learn more about cremation planning and how much cremation costs in Palm Beach County, FL.

Cremation Services By The Sea, has been changing the way that families are learning about cremation services. In fact, our local communities are more informed than ever before. As a local leader in low cost cremation, we have over dozens of websites fielded nationwide which reach families just like yours everyday. As local funeral homes continue business as usual, we are actively informing the next generation of viable cremation options. 


You will notice other firms offering gimmick price advertisements. We urge seniors to not fall for such ads. Remember, "if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is". Beware of ads that are running for the lowest priced cremations, especially from companies located in Broward and Miami Dade County. These providers have price tricks and other required purchases that they are not telling you about, until you call them. These practices are deceitful and unethical. So, we ask, if you can not trust their prices, then why would you trust them with your loved one? We post our full General Price Lists online and offer transparent cremation prices in Palm Beach County and Broward County.. 

What Is A Direct Cremation?

"Direct Cremation", when the final wish for a loved one does not include a formal viewing or a ceremony. Decedent is transported from the place of death directly to the crematory. A direct cremation does not include public services, such as a viewing or religious ceremony. To begin planning for cremation arrangements, access our online forms, located on the information tab on the main menu (above), or call us for immediate assistance.

For your convenience, you may print our prices for your records. Our guarantee is to be informative, professional and above all honest and caring in our approach. We also believe that there is no dignity in overpaying for simple cremation arrangements.

A casket is not required for direct cremation services. Embalming is not required for direct cremation. Please note that all deaths that are registered for cremation services within the State of Florida, may require a County Medical Examiner fee to be paid. 

Our firm will file all of the necessary documents, seek cremation approval, schedule the cremation services, notify Social Security and return the cremated remains back to the authorized individual.