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Cremation Services With Sea Scattering

Cremation Services By The Sea, offers private (unattended) sea scattering services. Our firm provides each sea scattering that without the use of a third party. Funeral homes and other cremation providers generally will our source this type of service. We take great pride in giving a family peace of mind, when we provide such a tender choice. If the final wish is to have family present for the sea scattering, please contact our office, we can help.

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Cremation Services By The Sea, near Boca Raton is here to help 24 hours a day. Our staff is professional and understanding to your needs. Compare our cremation costs to others Funeral Homes and crematory services 

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Direct Cremation Services

What are direct cremation services? When simple or basic services are requested for the decedent, to be transported directly to the crematory. No services, religious or otherwise are scheduled. There is also no need to purchase a casket or other merchandise. If a memorial service is planned, such services can take place either prior to, or after the cremation is completed. Embalming is not required. Urns are also optional. 

“Cremation Services By The Sea, has assisted our family two times in the last two years and their professionalism and understanding is unmatched. From when our mom passed away, until they returned her home, the staff were there for us at all times. We can honestly say, it was a good feeling to know that our loved one was under the best care possible. Cremation Services By The Sea is a step above other funeral homes that we have used in the past. We worked directly with the owner and were blessed to have found such angels on earth. 

- Jane Davis, RN

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Do you need cremation prices and information, we can help? In as little as one phone call, we can give you immediate assistance or help you or a loved one plan for future services 

Cremation Services By The Sea, offers the widest variety of cremation urns and merchandise just above wholesale prices. Our belief is to provide both professionalism and quality services and merchandise.

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